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About Us

About B2B Tyres

B2B Tyres buys and sells tyres around the world. We also help others to buy and sell tyres through our Marketplace. It was funded in 2014 by veteran professionals of the tire industry. Their intention was to disrupt a market that has not been challenged for many years despite modern, innovative technologies.

In B2B Tyres, we are committed with building long term relationships. How? By assuring our customers and partners transparency, impressive service, as well as by offering customized advice. Latest trends in a sector, new products, pricing, etc. that increase in competitiveness and complexity every day.

Service is our absolute focus. We acknowledge that when we connect sellers and buyers, service is provided to both parties. Therefore, we decided to create our marketplace. Offering the latest and trustful information about the sector and our connection with the only objective of making life easier to the whole industry.

B2B Tyres wants your business to go on wheels.